About Us



Hey There! My name is Wittney Hale and I am the “Hale” behind Hale Yeah, LLC. My love for baking and cooking bloomed at an early age. Both of my grandmothers had some serious dessert making skills and I was always up for being the assistant. In fact, some of my favorite memories are of us in the kitchen. At the age of 12, my gift from Santa was a Kitchen-Aid mixer... what kid wants a mixer for Christmas?! Me! (That baby is still going strong, in case you were wondering)


So fast forward quite a few years, a husband, and 3 kids later and my favorite place to be is still in the kitchen. I have 2 beautiful little assistants who hear me open the cabinet and run in saying “I help you! I help you!”, I also have an even little-er assistant who doesn’t assist much... but he’s cute and he likes to sit and watch. Maybe one day, some of their favorite memories will be in the kitchen as well! 


As I start on this new business adventure, I can’t help but to relish in the fact that I have turned my passion into my career... what a blessing it is to be able to say that. I couldn’t have done this without my amazing support system and my wonderful customers. I love you and I appreciate you.


-Wittney Hale