Breakfast Burrito (add potatoes available)

Breakfast Burrito (add potatoes available)

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Scrambled eggs, Colby jack cheese, and your choice of meat... all rolled up into one yummy flour tortilla. Perfect breakfast or snack. 

Sausage- Calories- 290, Net Carb- 24, Fat- 16, Protein- 17.

Ham- Calories- 269, Net Carb- 24, Fat- 12, Protein- 15.

Bacon- Calories- 292, Net Carb- 23, Fat- 15, Protein- 16.

Meatless- Calories- 252, Net Carb- 23, Fat- 10, Protein- 13.

(approximate values based on 1 burrito)

*This is a regular menu item. We offer this product on a weekly basis.*